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Moonie humming bunny with lamp

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MOONIE bunny sounds are not computer generated, but recordings of real natural sounds.

The sound of the heartbeat is a real sound recording in mom’s womb. This allows the child to calm down and feel safe, with a familiar sound. The sea waves you hear are from the Baltic Sea, and the sound of a mountain stream is a record coming from the Tatra Mountains.

The soothing sounds of MOONIE’s friend filter out the surrounding sounds and provide children with a peaceful sleep. It has an adjustable volume module so you can choose the right volume level to suit your child’s needs.

MOONIE bunny also has a soothing lullaby based on kalimba – especially suitable for newborns.


Each MOONIE friend also has a night light in their pussy, which can glow in 7 different colors.

The soft light allows you to feed your baby at night and / or change diapers without turning on the large room lighting. When the child begins to cry, the lamp with the unmanned light turns on, illuminates and calms the child.

The LED lamp does not heat up and is completely safe. The humming friend of MOONIE is also perfect for older children who are afraid of the dark. You can turn on the night light without sound and leave it on overnight.


The MOONIE bunny has a smart crying detector for moments when your baby suddenly wakes up. As soon as your baby starts to wake up, Smart Cry Detector triggers a safe, natural, gentle sound that soothes your baby, helping him return to a good night’s sleep.

The MOONIE buzzing bunny goes silent after 30 minutes and automatically switches to standby mode for 3 hours. Smart Cry Detector can also be unlocked if not needed.

Convenient and environmentally friendly charging via USB

We know that having a baby is not an easy job and it would not be necessary to wake up in the middle of the night to replace the batteries. That’s why the Moonie module has a built-in USB rechargeable battery, which makes it convenient, economical and environmentally friendly.

The MOONIE module takes 3 hours to fully charge. A fully charged battery lasts for 8 hours continuously, switching on the light and sound.


MOONIE bunny is made of the highest quality materials that are certified and safe to use for children.

All our products are tested by the SGS Switzerland Test Laboratory and comply with Directive 2009/48 / EC, certifying that they are suitable for newborns.

MOONIE bunnies can be used from the first day of a child’s life! All materials from which MOONIE bunny is made are OEKO-TEX certified, and they are very soft and pleasant.